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Zombie Survival Completed by Genre Artisans, 'All of Us Are Dead'
Zombie Survival Completed by Genre Artisans, 'All of Us Are Dead'
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Zombie Survival Completed by Genre Artisans, 'All of Us Are Dead'


Director Lee Jae-gyu and writer Cheon Seong-il bring the K-Zombie Syndrome to the world once again. 'All of Us Are Dead' is a Netflix series in which students who are isolated and waiting for rescue in a school where the zombie virus started fight hand in hand to survive.
Based on the webtoon of the same name, praised as a 'Korean zombie graphic novel', <Now At Our School> has received public attention from the moment the news of the series was announced. The trust has grown with the meeting of director Lee Jae-gyu, who is producing hit films in both movies and dramas, and storyteller Seong-il Cheon, who crosses genres. The world's attention is focused on the infinite possibilities of the K-Zombie series, which will be presented by two hitmakers, who have created a syndrome with a solid story and new attractions in each work.


Director Lee Jae-gyu said, “I thought that the story that takes place in a school space could be different from a typical zombie movie,” said director Lee Jae-gyu. The children who have grown up try to survive in the crisis by working together without weapons or adults. Writer Cheon Seong-il, who “was not wanting to miss the intersection of despair and hope,” is terrified that a friend he lived with may become a zombie and attack him. It provides unexpected fun of the genre by capturing the freshness of dynamic and pure children who cannot give up love, friendship, and fun even in situations. In particular, the ingenious and courageous struggle of ambitious teenagers who have to overcome even the extreme fear in an isolated school adds a different kind of spectacle not seen in previous zombie movies.
In 'All of Us Are Dead', not only students but also various human figures such as policemen, firefighters, soldiers, and politicians who face the situation of a bipolar disorder outside the school appear. As director Lee Jae-gyu said, "When immature children are in a dangerous situation at the borderline between life and death, looking at the choices and actions of these children, you can contemplate what it means to be mature and human." The images of children jumping into the zombies without covering fire are contrasting with the adults who are faced with numerous options to protect the city outside of school, evoking a variety of emotions. Our School> will show another face of K-Zombie to viewers around the world.
The highly anticipated teen zombie survival 'All of Us Are Dead' will be released on Netflix only on January 28th due to the meeting of genre master Lee Jae-gyu and writer Cheon Seong-il.

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