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'Kingsman: First Agent' to be released on Disney+ on February 9th
'Kingsman: First Agent' to be released on Disney+ on February 9th
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'Kingsman: First Agent' to be released on Disney+ on February 9th


Disney+, a world-class streaming service that provides the best entertainment experience with excellent storytelling and innovative content, will be released on February 9th, the best spy action blockbuster <Kingsman: First> depicting the origin of the <Kingsman> series that has garnered a worldwide box office syndrome. Agent> was publicly confirmed.
<Kingsman: First Agent>, which depicts the origin of the first independent intelligence agency 'Kingsman' and a man who tries to stop them against the worst tyrants and criminals in history conspiring a war that will threaten the lives of millions of people, is coming 2 On the 9th, it was confirmed to be released through Disney+ and is gathering hot topics. <Kingsman: First Agent>, which was released in December 2021 and hit theaters this winter, is a prequel to the <Kingsman> series that caused a box office syndrome around the world. It captivated the audience with its overflowing action sequences, director Matthew Bourne's unique quirky and original directing skills, the amazing acting and charm of Hollywood's top actors, and the in-depth narrative and drama. In addition, South Korea recorded the highest opening score among the world's opening countries excluding North America, collecting topics. As such, <Kingsman: First Agent>, which has proven the extraordinary interest and love of Korean audiences for the <Kingsman> series, is expected to provide a variety of entertainment to more viewers as it is released through Disney+.
The movie <Kingsman: First Agent>, which marked the beginning of a completely new <Kingsman> by bringing together the best production crew and actors, will be available once again through Disney+ on February 9, 2022.

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